Creating“New”in the life from a single thread. Fabrics, materials, and textile products are indispensable for a wide range of products in our daily lives. They all begin with a single thread. Masui pursues those endless possibilities.


Message from the President

We would like to go back to the spirit we had when we were founded and unify the motivation of all of our employees to be "passion and experience," in order to draw out the future map of the Masui Group.

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Business Description

Our commercial product is yarn, which serves as the base for various fabric products. Based on our policy of maintaining a one on one relationship with the production areas, we stock high quality materials from suppliers inside and outside of Japan and provide products that respond to needs, while making any necessary adjustments.

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Corporate Information

As a trader of raw materials for fabric, MASUI Co., Ltd. advances a revolution for yarn production techniques with a global perspective.

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